Cultural Center

The main goal of our activities is to provide favorable conditions to meet our students’ and professors’ spiritual needs, arrange our students’ leisure and recreation.

Our main tasks:

  • Formation of an aesthetic environment at our University;
  • Enhancement of forms and methods of cultural and educational activities based on studying and sharing the best experience; development of public leisure activities;
  • Extension of our range of culture-related services and involvement of the entire University in various cultural events;
  • Providing methodical and organizational aid for Faculties of ASU to perform their cultural and educational activities;
  • Provision of the right conditions to develop students’ creative and intellectual potential, their aesthetic perception;
  • Support of regular contacts in the field of development of students’ creativity.
Abdulina, Maria Rodionovna
Director of Center
Address: Room #14, 2 Konovalova Str., Astrakhan 414042 Russia.
Phone: +7-8512-24-66-90.

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