Directorate of Research & Innovative Activities

Unit of D.Sc. Courses & Dissertation Councils

Unit of Fundraising & Research Analytics

Salon of Innovations & Investments

Unit of Research & Technical Information

Directorate of Informatization & Digital Technologies

Unit of Software Maintenance

Unit of Hardware Maintenance

Center of Data Processing & Operational Management of University & Technopark

Unit of Internet Technologies

Unit of Telephone Network Maintenance

Unit of Technical Tools of Education

Unit of Automated Control Systems

Center of Digital Education

Directorate of Information Policy

Information Resources Editorial Board

TV Media Center

Astrakhan University Publishing House

Administrative Directorate

Unit of Human Resources Management

Unit of Students-Related Documentation


General Unit

Protocol Service

Academic Process Management Directorate

Academic Unit

Center of Education Monitoring & Quality Audit

Unit of Educational Programs Planning & Realization

Unit of Master Courses

Organizational Methodical Unit

Unit of Academic Process Arrangement & Monitoring

Unit of PhD Courses

Directorate of Administrative Activities Automation

Unit of Paid Educational Services

Unit of Financial Processes Automation

Directorate of Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Financial Planning

Material Assets Unit

General Unit of Directorate

Unit of Taxation Bookkeeping & Planning

Unit of Economic Planning

Unit of Salary, Welfare, & Scholarship Calculations

Directorate of Internal Financial Control

Unit of Internal Audit of University Infrastructure

Unit of University Property Administration

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