Engineering Maintenance Unit

The main fields of the Engineering Maintenance Unit are: efficient execution of activities performed by the Educational Experimental Facility "Nachalo" by providing it with the main assets and labor resources, as well as by arranging the optimal workload for both human resources and hardware.

Our main tasks are:

  • Everyday technical support of the Facility;
  • Preparation of field works, repair of water supply systems and other constructions;
  • Supervision of repair and reconstruction works;
  • Purchasing the necessary assets for the Facility;
  • Control of rational application of materials and assets of the Facility.

Our equipment includes:

  • A tractor;
  • A plough;
  • A disk harrow;
  • A horizontal milling cultivator;
  • A mineral fertilizer spreader;
  • A rod sprinkler;
  • A four-row precision vegetable sowing seeder;
  • An inter-row tilling cultivator;
  • A one-axis tractor dump trailer;
  • Trickle irrigation systems.

Samarets, Leonid Yakovlevich

Chief of Unit

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