International academic mobility

International (external) academic mobility refers to ASU students' studying and training in foreign universities, and foreign students' studying and training in ASU.

It does not imply long-term (more than 1 year) education (work) abroad.

Within the frameworks of international academic mobility the university students, teachers and personnel may complete education, traineeship or carry out teaching activity in a partner university for a certain period after which they are to return to their educational institution.

Students’ academic mobility objectives are:

  • enhancing special training quality under an educational program and an individual research plan;
  • improving adaptive capabilities in changing educational space;
  • developing communicative competence on the basis of learning foreign languages and studying in a foreign-language environment;
  • ensuring higher level of the awarded qualification (academic degree).

Personnel and teachers’ academic mobility is implemented mainly through sending them to partner universities and organizations in order to deliver lectures, give classes and consultations, participate in research within common fields, complete advanced training and traineeships during research leaves, participate in conferences and seminars.

ASU academic mobility programs are implemented under interuniversity agreements.

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