Faculty of Economics & Management

 Максимов Иван Владимирович
Maksimov, Ivan Vladimirovich
D.Sc. in Law, Full Professor – Acting Dean

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Address: Room #508 (Dean), 20a Tatischev Street (Annex to University Main Building), Astrakhan 414056 Russia.
Phones: +7-8512-24-66-30; +7-8512-24-66-25 (Dean); +7-8512-24-66-31; +7-8512-24-66-24 (full-time programs); +7-8512-24-66-33; +7-8512-24-64-23 (distance programs).

The Faculty of Economy & Management includes the following Chairs:

Chair of Economic Theory

Chair of World Economy & Finances

Chair of Management

Chair of State & Municipal Administration, Accounting, & Auditing

Chair "National Security"

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