Research Laboratory of Biotechnologies

Our History & Structure

The Research Laboratory of Biotechnologies was established in 2003 at the Biological Department of the Innovative Institute of Natural Sciences of Astrakhan State University. It includes the following specialized labs:

  • Laboratory of Biotechnology for Acquisition of Biologically Active Substance;
  • Laboratory of Tissue & Cell Research;
  • Laboratory of Microbiology;
  • Laboratory of Natural Vegetative Biologically Active Substance.

Our initial (2004-2005) research was carried out thanks to the obtained Presidential Grant; its theme was “Organization of Lower-Volga Regional Cryobank of Flora & Fauna Gene Pool in Volga Caspian Basin”. Prof. Mikhail Egorov, Head of the Laboratory, was the grantee.

Our staff participates in the annual Moscow International Congress “Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospects of Development” on a regular basis, as well as in a number of international and national conferences.

Our papers reflecting the main results of our researches have been published in a number of international and central Russian editions, as well as on the Internet.

Our Goals & Tasks

The Laboratory of Biotechnologies is a well-built team of professional biologists that deals with a number of viable applied-research issues related to various fields of modern Biotechnology.

Our main goal is research activities in viable applied biological areas in the field of Ecobiotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Microbiology, and Cryobiology. Our researches also concern isolation of valuable biologically active components from Astrakhan Region’s biological objects. We run joint projects with our international and Russian partners, undertake researches funded by grants and contracts, give lectures and deliver practical workshops in disciplines that make up our new master programs by the Chair of Biotechnology & Bioecology (Microbiology & Virology, Biotechnology).

Russian and foreign students of our Chair of Biotechnology & Bioecology, who write their PhD theses, are involved in our researches. We run joint PhD courses in Biotechnology together with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy).

Our main research activities are as follows:

  • Researches in the field of Microbiology at the Laboratory Facility of ASU;
  • Research expeditions applying equipment of our Laboratory;
  • Isolation and testing of biologically active substance;
  • Cryoconservation of genetic material;
  • Development and enhancement of technologies to reproduce valuable biological objects;
  • Joint work with large research institutes and companies funded by grants and contracts;
  • Delivery of educational programs;
  • Cooperation with research institutes, business companies, and individual clients.

Our staff gives lectures and delivers practical workshops at the Chair of Biotechnology & Bioecology in such disciplines as Biotechnology, Fundamentals of Biotechnology, Ecological Monitoring, etc.

We apply modern multimedia programs and the Internet actively. Our Laboratory is regularly upgraded with the most modern biotechnological equipment. In case an expedition is necessary, we have mobile laboratory equipment.

The Research Laboratory of Biotechnologies includes a number of specialized premises:

  • The Laboratory of Microbiology;
  • The Laboratory of Cryotechnology;
  • Cryostorage Facility;
  • Production premises.

One of our top priorities is to provide full confidentiality of any commercial, technical, and any other information while we are cooperating with any public or private organization or an individual. We guarantee our partners complete confidentiality both at the stage of preliminary and main negotiations and while we are working with research materials. We also guarantee that without our partners’ official consent, we shall not reveal any information related to our joint activities, to the character of our researches, and to original techniques that we apply to undertake our researches. These guarantees are officially stated in Confidentiality Agreements that we sign with all our partners.

Our partners:

  • Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy);
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Perugia (Italy);
  • Chair of Biotechnology of the D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia;
  • Chair of Chemistry & Protection of Plants, the Center of Biotechnology of Stavropol State Agrarian University;
  • Chair of Ichthyology & Hydrobiology of Saint-Petersburg State University;
  • Institute of Cell Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Institute of Inland Waters Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Faculty of Biology of the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod;
  • NEST M Nonprofit Research Partnership (Moscow);
  • Interdepartmental Ichthyologic Commission (Moscow);
  • Caspian Fisheries Research Institute (Astrakhan, Russia);
  • SEVKASPRYBVOD Fish Basin Breeding Directorate (Astrakhan, Russia).

Astafyeva, Svetlana Sergeevna

PhD in Biology – Chief


Address: Technopark AGU, p. Nachalo, Privolzhskiy District, Astrakhan Region 416456 Russia.

Phone: +7-85-17-25-82-11.

Fax: +7-85-12-25-17-18.

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