List of Academic Disciplines Our Chair Delivers

Disciplines for Bachelor Programs

Fundamentals of Agronomy

Innovative Projects in Plant Cultivation

Forage Production

Vegetable Cultivation

Meteorology in Agriculture

Farming Agriculture

Land Management

Genetics & Selection

General Entomology

General Phytopathology

Methods to Detect Quarantine Organisms

Biology of Quarantine Objects

Economy of Food Production

Food Products Safety

Applied Biotechnology of Food Production

Morphology & Physiology of Agricultural Animals

Statistic Methods in Quality Management

Biological Fundamentals of Agricultural Produce Manufacturing

Technological Fundamentals of Agricultural Produce Processing

Metrological Expertise of Technical Documentation

Constructions & Facilities to Store Agricultural Produce


Fundamentals of Agricultural Engineering

Computer Construction

Tractors & Automobiles

Machinery & Automobiles in Agriculture

Machinery & Equipment Maintenance

Innovative Projects in Agricultural Engineering

Alternative Energy Sources

Exploitation Materials

Cattle Breeding & Dairy Production

Sheep & Goat Breeding

Camel Breeding

Swine Breeding

Bird Breeding

Animal Breeding

Rabbit Breeding

Breeding of Invertebrates in Aquaculture

Innovative Projects in Animal Breeding

Plant Cultivation Produce Manufacturing & Processing Technology

Animal Breeding Produce Manufacturing & Processing Technology

Business Planning

Economy of Agricultural Industry

Production Organization at Agricultural Industrial Facilities

Disciplines for Master Programs

Information Technology

History & Methodology of Science-Based Agronomy

Instrumental Methods of Research

Agricultural Policy: New Alternatives

Strategic Management

Entrepreneurial Law

Business Development Assessment

Information Ressources Relations Management Technique

Economy of Agricultural Industrial Facilities

Project Management in Agricultural Industry

Mathematical Modeling & Projecting

Adaptive Landscape Farming

Resource Saving Technologies in Farming & Plant Cultivation

Ecological Issues of Land Management

Integrated System to Protect Plants from Harmful Organisms

Biological Methods to Struggle with Weeds

Soil Treatment Mechanization in Arid Agriculture

Regional Economy & Innovative Project Management in Plant Cultivation

Exact Farming

Soil Erosion

History & Methodology of Science

Mathematical Methods in Biology

ICT in Science & Production

Modern Issues of Zootechny

Fundamentals of Management in Zoological Veterinary

Organizational Behavior

ICT in Business

Electronic Commerce

Financial Management

Commercialization of Innovative Processes


Project Management

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