ASU Scientists Tell Regional Authorities about Caspian SEC Projects


On October 14, Astrakhan State University welcomed Vice-Governor — Chair of the Astrakhan Government Aleksandr Sharykin and Head of the Department of State Administration of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) Sergey Kamolov. The guests and ASU administration and professors discussed issues of support for the university’s project activities.

ASU Scientists Tell Regional Authorities about Caspian SEC Projects

Head of the Artificial Intelligence Project Office Aleksandr Koshkarov and Dean of the Faculty of Digital Technologies & Cybersecurity Iskandar Azhmukhamedov presented initiatives on joint work in the sphere of mathematical modelling. Besides, ASU scientists presented promising projects and research, aimed at improving the state of environment, economy, healthcare, transport & logistics and agriculture of the region. As they say, all of these projects can join the concept of activities of the Caspian Scientific & Educational Centre which will participate in the competitive selection for gaining support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

During the visit, the Chair of the regional government and the representative of MGIMO University also visited key laboratories of ASU, where they were shown technological capacities of the university, including unmanned aerial vehicles for environmental monitoring, prototypes of a multicopter for spraying chemicals in the fields, submersible rescue robots, a color detection hardware for vision-impaired patients, and a model of a computer vision system for human identification.

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