ASU Reaches Agreements on New Vectors of Innovative Technology Cooperation


A series of meetings with representatives of businesses and companies that promote promising projects took place within the participation of Astrakhan State University in all-Russia forum “Strong Ideas for New Times”.

ASU Reaches Agreements on New Vectors of Innovative Technology Cooperation

For example, Head of the ASU Engineering Project Office Aleksey Titov and Deputy Director-General of Geoksan Group Pavel Stepanov discussed some relevant areas for cooperation between the company and university.

Besides, the ASU representative talked to Director-General of MariNet industrial centre Aleksandr Pinsky about implementation of joint projects, aimed at the development of unmanned navigation, within the activities of MariNet workgroup and the NTI MariNet Caspian Distribution Centre, coordinated at our university by Aleksey Titov.

The potential of using high-tech in marine and shipbuilding industries was reaffirmed by the Russian president. During the plenary session of forum “Strong Ideas for New Times”, Vladimir Putin charged WEB.RF development corporation with a task to support the project on creating new unmanned technologies on marine vessels. The president mentioned accelerated preparation of a legal framework and creation of outer-space communication infrastructure among the priority areas of the initiative development. He also paid attention to the need for stimulating shipbuilding companies to participate in the project.

Directorate of Information Policy Engineering Project Office