ASU Student Will Design Contour-Recognition Plotter


First-year Master’s degree student of the Faculty of Digital Technologies and Cybersecurity Vladlen Polyansky has won a 500,000 thousand-ruble grant for implementation of his idea within competition “UMNIK — Digital Russia" of national programme «Digital Economy of Russia”.

ASU Student Will Design Contour-Recognition Plotter

The robotic system is meant for automatic detection of room on already used-up fabric. The plotter scans the material and detects a useable region where a piece can be applied and cut. The smart plotter will allow to use materials to the fullest, optimize the material consumption significantly and reduce the volume of wastes.

As the engineer says, the device is the first of a kind in Russia. Similar equipment is used in foreign countries, but they’re more expensive.

As Vladlen Polyansky says, he’ll spend this year and a half on designing software and assembling the plotter itself. The scientific supervisor of the project is Dmitry Starov, a senior professor of the ASU Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Automatics.

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