ASU Boiling Point Centre Opens New Venue


The concept of the new Boiling Point space was designed with regard to the cutting-edge developments in zoning and location. The centre is equipped with professional light-audible equipment, a feedback screen, high-tech multifunctional cameras, professional microphones and a sophisticated conference system for on-site and online meetings.

ASU Boiling Point Centre Opens New Venue

More than 240 events, attended by more than 8,000 participants, have been held at the Boiling Point centre both by the ASU staff and invited organizers over the year of its functioning. The new space and the cutting-edge equipment — projectors, screens, plasma display panels and other multimedia devices — will allow to merge into the process of «boiling» creative reflection to the fullest.

Besides, the Boiling Point Centre now can transform the space for the work of project teams to give lectures up to 200 people and organize workshops at five sites at the same time. 

The official opening ceremony was timed to the celebration of the Russian Students Day. The series of scientific, engineering, social and entertaining events will last until the end of the week.

Directorate of Information Policy & Public Relations