ASU Publishing House Issues Black Caviar Counterfeit Monograph


The book is written by Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law Andrey Degterev. His recommendations may be of use for the agencies of inquiry, preliminary investigation, procurator's office and court in criminal trials, connected with protection of bioresources and illegal caviar trafficking.

ASU Publishing House Issues Black Caviar Counterfeit Monograph

The Astrakhan black caviar is an iconic product of Russia. The quality of this product is one of the pressing issues at the modern caviar market.

In recent years, there has been a tendency towards deterioration of the taste properties of black caviar, which is associated with an unsatisfactory sanitary state of its production and violation of the processing technology, conditions for transportation and storage of caviar products.

Monograph An Organoleptic Study of Counterfeit Products on the Example of Caspian Sturgeon Caviar describes the requirements for the quality of caviar products, examines the established standards and methods for detecting counterfeits.

The proposed concept can be used in studies on similar topics, as well as in the educational process at law and biological faculties of higher educational institutions.

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