ASU Journalism Students Attend a Scientific Workshop


It is not the first year the Department of Theory & History of Journalism has had such a practice. Professors of the department are sure that, in order to make the educational process efficient to the most, it is important to prepare first-year students for media research and project activities after their first semester, mostly consisting of introductory courses.

ASU Journalism Students Attend a Scientific Workshop

On January 30, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory & History of Journalism Ekaterina Lazutkina gave a master class on preparing scientific projects. She told the students about the methods of scientific analysis, the main fundamental research in media communications and the rules of writing scientific papers.

The workshop programme also took into consideration the fact that it is really important for journalists-to-be to develop the professional interest in covering the issues of science and cutting-edge technologies in the media. That is why particular attention was paid to a practice-oriented approach in training the students.

On January 31, the first-year students of the ASU Faculty of Philology & Journalism took part in activities of a project platform at Quantorium (a regional school technopark). The visit started with a tour around the technopark, conducted by its Director Vladimir Voykov. He also told the visitors about the tendencies in the subjects they study, trends in science and relevant projects, cutting-edge technologies in the technopark, scientific supervisors and talented pupils.

Then the students had a practical task — they developed individual designs of souvenir chains for mobile phones and keys, using CorelDRAW vector program.

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