Leading Speakers of the Region Share Their Secrets of Success at ASU


Astrakhan State University keeps implementing the project “School of Debates 2.0.” The initiative of social movement “Youth of Governorate” is organized to teach public speaking to students of Astrakhan State University.

Leading Speakers of the Region Share Their Secrets of Success at ASU

At the second meeting, Chief of the News Program Service at Astrakhan 24 Channel Anastasia Anferova told the participants about the importance of non-verbal signs in public speaking. As the speaker says, proper gestures and postures make speakers more convincing and help make a good impression, while other postures may indicate speaker’s lack of confidence.

Anastasia Anferova explained how to prepare the body for public speaking. Together with the participating students, she analyzed journalists and interviewees’ behavior and determined the role and meaning of various movements on the example of a few video reports and news stories of her colleagues.

The speaker added that instincts can help a starting speaker a lot, since reflexive movements look more convincing. Anastasia Anferova also suggested that the students had more practice and overcame inner discomfort in order to unlock themselves and feel confident.

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