ASU Students Learn about Norms ofEuropean Law

ASU Students Learn about Norms ofEuropean Law

The Caspian Higher School ofInterpreting and Translation (CITS) ofAstrakhan State University has hosted aseminar, involvingMA students, which was held within the framework ofthe Jean Monnet Erasmus + grant programme.

Module “Application of EU Business Law in Entrepreneurial Activities in Russia” implies teaching the laws and specificity of international law, European law and corporate law and studying the EU experience and prospects for adapting European standards in Russia. Within the framework of the programme, it is also planned to study the linguistic aspect of the issue — European legal texts, their style and terminology and translation of these texts from English.

At the event, held at CITS, representatives of the ASU Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​ learned about the history of the foundation of the European Union, its structure and the norms of European law.

Faculty of Foreign Languages