Astrakhan State University Holds Space Library Night


Every April, libraries throughout Russia change the time and format of their work. It is the first time ASU has held the campaign, doing it under the motto “Book — a Way to the Stars”.

Astrakhan State University Holds Space Library Night

The special occasion in the scientific library of the university was dedicated to science, technology and the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space.

“We are glad to hear this pleasant noise within the walls of the university, because this means that you are interested in such topics as space and books. This year marks the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight. It is no coincidence that April is the month dedicated to astronautics in the Year of Science and Technology. At today’s Library Night, you will be able to touch upon all niceties of this topic,» said Rector of Astrakhan State University Konstantin Markelov, opening the event.

Then the Library Night participants moved freely from one creative platform to another, trying themselves in different spheres. In addition, library visitors tested astronomical VR applications and drew pictures at master class “Mysterious Space”, organized by the ASU Art Salon. At the end of the evening, Director of the Institute of Physics & Mathematics Aleksey Rybakov gave a lecture “Mars Roving Lunar Vehicle”.

The 2021 Library Night at ASU was fun and interesting; the students and schoolchildren were happy with the creative platforms and expressed their hope that now such an event will be organized every year.

Directorate of Information Policy and Public Relations