ASU Launches New Educational Programme

ASU Launches New Educational Programme

The project for training leaders ofscientific and engineering projects and laboratories has been developed bythe Competence Development Centre ofthe ASU Department ofContinuing Education.

The programme is aimed at developing and improving the professional competencies of scientific leaders who are able to effectively manage project teams aimed at performing scientific research, creating innovative products and solutions.

The event was attended by representatives of regional ministries, members of the Consortium of Educational Institutions of Higher Education & Scientific Organizations of Astrakhan Region, strategic partners of the university, the ASU administration, professors and researchers — future mentors and students of the modules.

The educational programme for training scientific leaders was launched by Rector of Astrakhan State University Konstantin Markelov, who pressed the symbolic innovation button.

“The training of those who will drive technical progress in our country today and tomorrow is of great importance in the development of world-class science. Astrakhan region, like the Greater Caspian Region in general, is interested in applied scientific developments, but it should be noted that regional science has not run out of its potential and is still in demand. In my opinion, launching such educational programmes will become an important step in addressing this issue,” said Konstantin Markelov.

Participants of the programme will develop individual or group (including interdisciplinary) projects: they will develop initiatives from an idea to a startup or a research laboratory project, and the experienced trainers will guide them. Upon completion of the training, there will be public presentation of the projects.

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Department of Continuing Education

Photo: Directorate of Information Policy and Public Relations