ASU Scientists Developed Application to Identify Astrakhan Fish


A Student Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence has been established at Astrakhan State University. Its students will be engaged in implementation of practice-oriented projects upon requests of the university and industrial partners.

ASU Scientists Developed Application to Identify Astrakhan Fish

The new laboratory is part of the Artificial Intelligence Project Office which develops and manages machine-learning projects, creates and implements ready-made solutions into business processes in the form of chat bots, web services or mobile applications. One of the new projects is a mobile application for identification of the fish species in Astrakhan Region.

Employees of the Astrakhan State Biosphere Reserve and representatives of the ASU Faculty of Biology were involved in the app development. Representatives of the biosphere reserve help to collect the images and detailed information on the fish species’ description. Now the project is passing the stage of finalizing the neural network model and will soon be available to a wide audience in the form of an application for mobile devices.

Another AI project of ASU is the already used Telegram bot for people search in the photos. Photo reports, made by the ASU Media Service, are used as a data source.

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