ASU Takes All Measures toPrevent the Spread ofCOVID-19

ASU Takes All Measures toPrevent the Spread ofCOVID-19

The sanitary and epidemiological situation isbecoming more complicated every day. Current data indicate anongoing increase inthe number ofCOVID-19 cases inthe region.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, the university has been taking all measures to prevent the spread of the infection. Every day, employees and students are taken the temperature and checked if they have facemasks at the entrance to the university buildings and the dormitory; antiseptic dispensers and air recirculators are installed in the halls and other public places.

For the safety of students and employees of Astrakhan State University, the COVID-19 emergency center of the university decided to suspend the employees who have not been vaccinated and have no medical contraindications, from work from September 1, 2021. The recommendations of the Federal Labor and Employment Service, set out in Letter No. 1811- dated July 13, 2021, were taken into account, among other things. The presence is allowed if there is a medical certificate of contraindications or confirmation of COVID-19 being in the medical history within the last six months. The decision was made in advance so that all the employees could find time and get vaccinated before the start of the academic year.

To make the vaccination more convenient, ASU is running a COVID-19 vaccination center for its students, professors and administrative staff. Students can apply for vaccination at the dean’s office of their faculties, and employees can address the heads of their units.

Just recently, Rector of ASU Konstantin Markelov was also vaccinated against COVID-19.

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