Team of Astrakhan State University Participates in Archipelago Intensive


The ASU delegation has joined the work of the all-Russia design and educational intensive “Archipelago 2121”. Our staff members and students will be trained by the country’s leading experts and will also present their projects.

Team of Astrakhan State University Participates in Archipelago Intensive

The team of the university is taking part in the third stage of the Practice intensive, which includes the design of programmes for the development of regions, cities, universities, as well as the development of mechanisms to support citizens’ socially significant ideas and initiatives.

Representatives of the ASU are involved in the events of tracks “New Formats of Education at University” and “Universities as Institutions for Urban and Regional Development”.

Along with the on-site delegation from ASU, other representatives will take part in the event online. Like the offline participants, they will be involved in intensive activities, will be able to receive assignments, solve them and present the results to the mentors. This is the first time this approach has been used.

The eventful intensive programme is organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation together with the University 2035, the platform of the National Technology Initiative and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

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