Konstantin Markelov at Archipelago 2121: ASU Will Become a Caspian Open University


The “Battle in Search of New Meanings: Universities — Mission Repacking” has opened the second day of the Practice cycle at this summer’s major educational intensive, involving ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov.

Konstantin Markelov at Archipelago 2121: ASU Will Become a Caspian Open University

The prevailing topic of the event was the issue of regional growth through universities. Heads of capital and regional universities discussed the tasks that higher educational institutions are facing today and shared information about future projects for the regional development.

The Caspian Region dimension is one of the strategically important for Russia; therefore, today Astrakhan Region is implementing ideas for its development. The region has long become an oil and gas province, it is also the center of southern shipbuilding, a key point of the North-South Transport Corridor.

Astrakhan State University trains HR not only for the region and Southern Russia but also for all the partners interested in Russia — Southeast Asia and the Caspian states. This trend will continue in the coming years. Therefore, it is necessary to create a comfortable project and educational atmosphere.

“ASU will become a Caspian Open University. One of the points of attraction should be a research and educational campus which will improve the urban environment and create attractive conditions. Now about 40% of school leavers make for other regions to study there, many leave to work. Leaving Astrakhan should become a bad trend,” emphasized Konstantin Markelov at the end of his speech.

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