ASU at Archipelago 2121: Astrakhan is among the Leaders in Attracting Foreign Students


An open talk between governors and rectors of leading regional universities has taken place on the university track of the educational intensive.

ASU at Archipelago 2121: Astrakhan is among the Leaders in Attracting Foreign Students

The event became the key discussion of the day and one of the most important for the 2121 Archipelago participants. The topic of the meeting was a discussion about universities as centers of smart regional development. The speakers of the open talk noted that it is precisely the governor-rector team spirit that is the factor of success in the scientific and educational growth of the region.

In his speech, Mikhail Alashkevich, Managing Director of the VEB.RF Government Agent Block, mentioned Astrakhan Region which was included in top-10 regions with the largest share (37%) of nonresident and foreign students.

According to the expert, the relationship between the regions and universities is important. As an example of the positive influence of such relations, the politician mentioned an idea of ​​creating student campuses. Such a project has actually been developed at ASU in accordance with the master plan for the development of the Astrakhan agglomeration.

“The campus construction will allow Astrakhan to host international events that are important for the country and the region, increasing the importance of Astrakhan Region on the global stage. Conducting business forums on topical issues of development of the Caspian countries will provide an opportunity to attract leading foreign and Russian scientists to the city and increase the number of jobs for young specialists,” says Rector of the university Konstantin Markelov.

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