Joint Program of ASU And Ostankino Now Has Its Own Website


There one can find all the details about the content of the course UNREAL ENGINE 4 / Fundamentals of Programming, Creating Virtual Worlds and Interactive Projects: Basic Training, delivered by specialists of the Television Center for students of Astrakhan State University, and sign up for it.

Joint Program of ASU And Ostankino Now Has Its Own Website

22 students of Astrakhan State University have already completed the basic module for training game designers. Now they will not only be automatically enrolled in the next level, but will also have a free tour of the Ostankino TV Center in Moscow, as well as a meeting with the center’s experts engaged in the development and programming of computer games.

Use the link to see the landing page.

Every student of ASU, regardless of the faculty they study at, can join the training and get the cutting-edge skills in 3D modeling and programming of virtual worlds, learn from the leading professionals of the TV Center and finally become one of them.

There is very little time left before the application deadline, so apply today and become a member of a promising team of developers!

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