ASU Project Is Recognized The Best At Sirius University Poster Session


Master’s degree and Ph.D. students of Astrakhan State University presented a project that was commended by experts and became one of the winners within the framework of the Winter School of Robotics.

ASU Project Is Recognized The Best At Sirius University Poster Session

The workshop was attended by Master’s degree and Ph.D. students of the Faculty of Digital Technologies and Cybersecurity and of the Caspian Higher Engineering School of Astrakhan State University Anastasia Krivenko, Mikhail Gladyshev and Nikita Osokin.

Mikhail Gladyshev shared his impressions of the scientific and educational trip. As the young researcher says, the winter school at Sirius University covered various areas related to the major of mechatronics and robotics, but the emphasis was on the mathematical component. The event touched upon such issues as the theory of automatic control, the resistance of materials to destruction, theoretical mechanics and some areas of physics, as well as various complex materials and features of work in some specialized programs, the stages of implementation of certain algorithms, and a lot more.

During the work of the school, lots of participants decided to show fellow students their projects which they do during their studies or in their free time. About 40 unique developments were demonstrated and defended at the event in the format of a poster session: each designer was given 10–20 minutes to present their activities to the commission and answer experts’ questions. Three winners and six nominees were selected, who confidently proved themselves during the project defense.

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