ASU IsReady toGet Involved inAddressing Security Issues ofthe Greater Caspian Region

ASU IsReady toGet Involved inAddressing Security Issues ofthe Greater Caspian Region

Abrainstorming session has been conducted byscientists from Astrakhan State University, addressing the tasks ofimplementing astrategic project todevelop asystem for monitoring the societal (complex) security ofthe Caspian macroregion.

This initiative is one of the five projects with which Astrakhan State University joined the Priority 2030 development programme.

Speaking about the progress in the work on the set global goal, the project manager, Director of the Institute for Southern Russia and Caspian Region Studies Anna Romanova outlined the key points that made it possible to achieve the first results, provided information on the subprojects created as part of this large-scale process, and described the main actors involved in the research.

In addition, Anna Romanova spoke about the first results of the work done, shared the indicators to be achieved in 2022, and analyzed what is happening within the large-scale initiative.

Discussing the strategic project, representatives of the ASU scientific community recommended ways that would help their colleagues both in the implementation of the project in Astrakhan Region and in its scaling to the level of the Greater Caspian region.

In addition, the colleagues came to the conclusion that it is necessary to search for partners, build a step-by-step model for achieving the final goal, with some intermediate products to appear along the way toward it, as well as to intensify cooperation with the Regional Management Center within the framework of the strategic project.

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