Astrakhan State University Launches the Friendship Telebridge Project


The goal of the initiative is to organize the sociocultural adaptation of foreign students and create favorable conditions for their entry into the ethnic community while preserving their own ethnic identity.

Astrakhan State University Launches the Friendship Telebridge Project

The project is unique in the fact that parents of foreign students are given the opportunity to communicate with the administration and teachers of the university, ask questions, and make sure that absolutely all conditions for comfortable living, communication and learning have been created at ASU.

Parents of students from Haiti, Morocco, Lebanon, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Côte d'Ivoire and other countries of the world joined the Friendship Telebridge as part of the Nowruz celebration. Foreign students of ASU spoke about the culture, customs, national cuisine, language, traditional clothes, folk dances and music, unique tourist places and interesting features of their home countries.

This format of events allows to form a tolerant educational environment, prevents the emergence of problems of sociocultural adaptation, and contributes to the integration of foreign students into the hosting community.

Directorate of International Activities Photo: Directorate of Information Policy and Public Relations