ASU Has Every Prospect ofBecoming aMajor Network University inCaspian Region

ASU Has Every Prospect ofBecoming aMajor Network University inCaspian Region

Deputy Minister ofScience and Higher Education ofthe Russian Federation Natalya Bocharova evaluated the potential ofthe university during her working visit toASU. The guest was shown the laboratory facilities and other important locations and discussed the issues ofinternational policy implementation with the university administration.

The representative of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education visited the key structural units of the university. At a general meeting with members of the administration and representatives of ASU faculties, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Angelina Fadina presented a report on the main achievements of the university in this area.

In her turn, Natalya Bocharova informed her colleagues about the recommendations given by the Ministry to universities on adjusting their international activities in the light of current political events.

In particular, the expert advised the university to revise the existing agreements with foreign educational institutions and eliminate those that are not currently being worked on.

The Deputy Minister commended the intentions of Astrakhan State University to open a branch of the university in the Republic of Uzbekistan and gave recommendations on the establishment of ASU offices in Kazakhstan and the Luhansk People’s Republic.

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