ASU Students Perform atPhonetic Hackathon

ASU Students Perform atPhonetic Hackathon

First-year students ofthe Faculty ofPhilology and Journalism ofAstrakhan State University are actively involved insoaring the heights oftheir future trade: having studied another section ofthe modern Russian literary language, they tried themselves asexperts inphonoscopy.

Forming an overall sounding portrait of literary Russia, the students took the liberty of filling in one of the gaps in the vocal palette. The subjects of their research were poets and writers of the 20th-21st centuries, as well as representatives of modern youth movements.

“The project made it possible to implement activity approach in teaching, where students learn science and culture, ways of cognizing and transforming the world through their own activity, forming and improving their personal qualities. At the multi-day hackathon, philologists-to-be demonstrated their skills in analyzing sounding speech, making presentations, and presenting projects in an individual manner,” Marina Veklich, the project leader and an associate professor at the Department of Modern Russian Language, comments on the activity.

Faculty of Philology and Journalism