ASU Team Presents the Roadmap for Caspian Innovations Network Startup Accelerator

ASU Team Presents the Roadmap for Caspian Innovations Network Startup Accelerator

The development was presented atthe Archipelago 2022 project and educational workshop which istaking place inSevastopol. Inthe final days ofthe event, Konstantin Markelov joined the team ofrepresentatives ofAstrakhan Tatishchev State University and supported his colleagues indefending their projects.

The active work of the ASU team Archipelago 2022, which began on July 5, resulted in the defense of an acceleration programme, conceived during the preparation for the 2nd international scientific forum Caspian Region 2022: Sustainable Development Trajectories and finalized at the project and educational workshop.

The representatives of ASU presented the roadmap of their development — Caspian Innovations network startup accelerator. The staff of our university also shared the success story of the university and talked about the process of building a metaverse for the project, presenting the goals, format and focus of startups. To implement this programme, it is planned to attract at least 1,000 participants, and the training itself will last three months. A good motivation for the student teams that will take part in the project will be the support from the ASU Board of Overseers members.

Konstantin Markelov, the rector of Astrakhan Tatishchev State University, noted that the project and educational workshop is an interesting competitive form of immersion in real promising forms of cooperation between the country’s leading universities.

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