ASU Student Participates inAgroTech Interregional Agricultural Project

ASU Student Participates inAgroTech Interregional Agricultural Project

Mikhail Kolesnikov, afourth-year student ofthe Faculty ofAgribusiness, Technology and Veterinary Medicine, has joined the programme. Together with other young people from different regions ofRussia, hehones practical skills inveterinary medicine, animal science and mechanization.

At the Bunyatino farm, which is located in Moscow Region, the students are working as assistants to the chief specialists, performing mechanized field and repair work. In addition, they learn how to operate and maintain equipment of various classes and purposes, master the technology of milking equipment, and also acquire new knowledge and skills while working in the reproduction, orthopedics, herd movement and feeding units. Thanks to the project, young people will gain valuable work experience in agriculture.

Mikhail Kolesnikov received an invitation to take part in the AgroTech programme from the Department of Veterinary Medicine of Astrakhan Tatishchev State University. The student didn’t think long about the proposal and submitted the necessary documents, after which he successfully passed the selection procedure. Now his duties include working with animals, mainly cattle.

“There are not so many large farms in our region, so participation in the project is extremely useful for me, especially since there are very good mentors here who already have experience in this area and know how to teach others. Thanks to the programme, I will be able not only to acquire skills in working with animals, but also to meet professionals of their craft and learn from their experience,” the young man said.

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