We Are 90, but We Are Young: ASU Rector Gives a Lecture on Knowledge Day

We Are 90, but We Are Young: ASU Rector Gives a Lecture on Knowledge Day

Konstantin Markelov met with the freshers of Astrakhan Tatishchev State University and answered their questions.

Before the start of the lecture, the rector of the university asked the students what mood they came with that day, why they had chosen ASU and what they wanted to become in the future. The answers pleased, because most of the newly minted students felt happy on Knowledge Day. The first-year students chose Astrakhan State University for a variety of reasons: friends’ advice, a childhood dream, a prestigious institution of higher education, or a wide range of majors.

Then Konstantin Markelov told the audience about the results of admission this year, achievements of students and graduates.

The rector particularly dwelled on youth policy and creative activities at the university, including student clubs and socialization projects.

Then the students themselves were able to clarify the information of interest. The range of their questions was very wide. For example, first-year students were interested in how Konstantin Markelov assesses the ASU position in the higher education market, whether it would be possible to change the profile of a major during the learning process, what coolest events would take place in the new year, and what a student should be like in 2022.

First-year students will be able to continue their acquaintance with the university next week: they will have a series of topic-specific educational events dedicated to various areas of ASU activity: Science and Technology Day, Career and Entrepreneurship Day, Student Initiatives Day, Creativity and Media Day , as well as an overview of the projects of the Russia – The Land of Opportunities organization.

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