Astrakhan State University Hosts Open Lecture by SevGU Researchers


They told the students and staff of ASU about the prospects for the development of underwater robotics for marine research and engineering, as well as about the current state of domestic developments in this area.

Astrakhan State University Hosts Open Lecture by SevGU Researchers

Representatives of Sevastopol State University – Senior Researcher of the Research Laboratory of Flight Dynamics and Control of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Control in Engineering Systems Alexander Kabanov and Head of the Worldskills movement at SevGU Mikhail Maistrishin – visited Astrakhan State University and gave an open lecture.

The speakers dwelled on the classification of underwater vehicles and showed examples of the latest domestic developments. They mentioned the Russian uninhabited Vityaz-D submersible, which completely autonomously reached to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, as an example of a successful project.

The SevSU scientists also presented the university’s innovative developments by demonstrating a working model of a remote-controlled uninhabited underwater vehicle. Autonomy, the ability to train the system, a hierarchical complex 3D vision system, a new method of controlling critical situations and the availability of debugging tools in the form of a simulator are the parameters that will lead to the improvement of underwater robotics.

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