ASU Opens Its Doors For Prospective Students


Astrakhan Tatishchev State University always happily greets those who want to study within its walls. So, another Welcome Day has been held at university.

ASU Opens Its Doors For Prospective Students

Prospective students were shown the main building, the faculty presentations and were told about the entry requirements. In addition, an important part of the day was a conversation with the deans of the faculties, during which children asked questions about studying at the university.

Special master classes were held for them, so that our prospective students learned more about the majors offered by ASU. For example, they were able to see real chemical experiments and work with fertilizers for plants with their own eyes.

The head of the Directorate of Pre-University Training & Students Admission Lyudmila Tovarnichenko told how to get admitted to the programmes of higher and secondary vocational education of ASU and emphasized that it is better to focus only on the official website of the university. She also announced the list of required documents, the deadlines for their submission and the USE passing scores.

Moreover, the acting head of the Military Training Center, lieutenant colonel Bulat Aminov, spoke to those present. This year a military training center will open at ASU, where it will be possible to master an adjacent military specialty and do military service in absentia - that is, without interrupting your studies. Bulat Aminov shared the features and benefits of admission to ASU military training center.

At the end of the event, the participants had the opportunity to personally meet with the deans of faculties and ask questions.

Directorate of Information Policy and Public Relations