Celebration in Honor of Veterans of WW2


Today the celebration of veterans of World War 2 has taken place at Astrakhan State University.

Celebration in Honor of Veterans of WW2

This event was held at the Clear Water restaurant located on the campus area of ASU; it began with a greeting speech by Prof. Alexander Lunyov, Rector of our University. He congratulated everyone on the upcoming anniversary of Russia’s 1945 Victory over Nazi Germany and thanked the veterans for their deeds. “We’re really glad to see our veterans at our University not just today – we look forward to seeing you any time”, Rector said. “You became a reference point for Russia; you’re a smart example for us to follow. The Victory Day is a vaccine against the plague of the 20th century – Nazism – for the whole world. We ought to remember that forever and ever. And, after all, you’re not only veterans of war and labor – you’re all those people who created our University, and it’s you who gave us all what we have now”.

Rector’s speech was followed by our veterans’ stories about their life paths. Numerous warmhearted words were addressed to them, and cheerful concert numbers made the holiday party merrier and brighter.

Russian original information and photo source: K.R. Ekshembeeva (University Web Resources Information Support Laboratory of ASU)

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (the Center of Translation Studies & Conference Interpreting “ASTLINK” of ASU)