Festival of Sports Socialization Projects Completed at ASU

Festival of Sports Socialization Projects Completed at ASU

On April 12-13, 2017, the closing ceremony of the Festival of Sports Socialization Projects in volleyball and handball took place at Astrakhan State University.

Students of 15 Departments of ASU took part in the event: Physics & Technology; Mathematics & Information Technologies; Geology & Geography; Social Communications; Chemical; Architecture & Design; Historical; Business & Economy; World Economy & Management; Biological; Secondary Professional Education; Law; Philology & Journalism; Pedagogics, Social Work, and Physical Training; Psychology.

The main task of the project is mass involvement of students in forming and developing a social and cultural university environment, which is a necessary condition of their successful socialization.

The program of the closing ceremony included demonstration of theoretical knowledge (history, game rules, and refereeing) and practical skills (ball passing, serving, and shooting).

The players’ performance was assessed by the jurors – Farida Rekesheva (the jury chairperson), Sergey Popov, Sergey Khrapov, Natalya Drokina, Sanan Gamidov, and Alisa Dolotkazina. Once the jurors’ assessment is complete, the best teams are expected to gain the following ranks: “Prize Winner in Volleyball Sports Project”, “Prize Winner in Handball Sports Project”, and “2017 Leader”. The awards ceremony is to take place on April 27 at 03.00 p.m. at the Cultural Center of ASU.

Russian original information source: the School of Sports, Physical Development, & Healthy Lifestyle of ASU

Russian original photo source: T.I. Antropova (the TV Media Center of ASU)

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (the Center of Translation Studies & Conference Interpreting “ASTLINK” of ASU)