New Master Program at ASU

New Master Program at ASU

Professor Liudmila Kashirskaya, Head of the Chair "National Security" of Astrakhan State University, has told us about the new master program "Administration & Development of Housing & Communal Services; Improvement of Metropolitan Areas" available now at Astrakhan State University.

"Under current conditions, there is certainly a high demand for masters qualified in this field. It is crucial now to train qualified specialists in the field of housing and communal services, development and improvement of urban areas.

The program aims to university graduates who wish to make a career in public administration – at administrations of large cities, at federal and regional authorities, launch their own business relevant to their home city development trends, or perform public activities at legislative bodies, etc.

A unique feature of this program is that is unites knowledge in the field of management, economy, engineering, and technical systems to train efficient and competitive managers of various clusters of an urban settlement.

Highly qualified specialists of the Department of Business & Economy of ASU, as well as top managers of Astrakhan Region's public organizations and business companies, will be instructors and coaches for our future masters.

Besides basic disciplines, our new program includes such specialized ones as "Administration of Metropolitan Area Development", "Administration of Housing & Communal Services & Improvement of Areas", "Planning of Tariffs & Regulations for Housing & Communal Services", "Efficient Administration of Metropolitan Area", "Administration of Property of Metropolitan Area", etc. Studies of these disciplines will form a sound knowledge and hands-on skills in the field of strategic development of metropolitan economy, considering with its specific industries and areal structure.

Graduates of this program can find a job as managers and specialists in the field in housing and communal services, metropolitan area administration, inspection and supervision agencies, etc.

Everyone is welcome to join this program!"

Interviewed by T.Yu. Gavrilkina (the Official Web Resources Support Directorate of ASU)

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (REC “Caspian Higher School of Interpreting & Translation” of ASU)


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