ASU Rises toaNew Level ofCooperation with Oil Producers

ASU Rises toaNew Level ofCooperation with Oil Producers

Having been invited bythe company LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft, representatives ofAstrakhan State University visited the Vladimir Filanovsky oil and gas production platform inthe Caspian Sea.

The guests visited the platform within the framework of the agreements reached at the meeting at ASU, when the parties agreed to conduct joint activities in promising areas of cooperation.

The ASU delegation was headed by Elina Polyanskaya, the ASU First Vice Rector for Strategic Development, and included Anna Fedotova, the Vice-Rector for Research Activities, representatives of the Faculty of Physics & Technology and the Faculty of Mathematics & Information Technologies.

«LUKOIL is a reputable partner, and our cooperation offers a wide range of opportunities for both parties,» — Anna Fedotova says. «If all pilot projects and inventive ideas of ASU researchers are useful, we will be extremely proud of it.»

While consulting with LUKOIL experts, the ASU researchers outlined ways of practical cooperation in important areas.

Now the university is forming project teams from its teachers and students to develop more specific cooperation with oil production experts.

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