Konstantin Markelov: ASU Is Interested in Finding Points of Interaction with Leading Companies


The Caspian Sea region may become a point of interaction between ROSCOSMOS and Astrakhan State University. On November 10, the university Acting Rector met with Marsim Ovchinnikov, an ASU graduate who is now the Deputy Director-General for Economy and Finances of the State Corporation.

Konstantin Markelov: ASU Is Interested in Finding Points of Interaction with Leading Companies

Konstantin Markelov told the guest that now each and every university is trying to find its own niche in the educational space, and ASU has decided to focus on activities in the Caspian Sea region. This strategy has been supported by federal ministries and the State Duma Committee on Issues of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Contacts with Fellow Countryman.

The university is developing a project of the research and educational centre «Caspian» that will unite Astrakhan universities and research and development institutes in order to join the Russian national project «Science». It is planned to hold several research and applied conferences next year, for example on a «digital Caspian».

According to Maksim Ovchinnikov, now ROSKOSMOS is promoting projects on the Earth remote sensing and observation over water and biological resources, which is very urgent for the delta of the Volga and the Caspian Sea. The State Corporation also plans to create a «digital city». The project needs new ideas, and Astrakhan State University students of transport and logistic majors can help in this regard.

Another possible sphere of cooperation is designing small air vehicles. For Astrakhan State University, this area may become very promising because students will both conduct research and design test prototypes.

Astrakhan State University is ready to send their students to take traineeships at ROSCOSMOS, and Maksim Ovchinnikov expressed his readiness to help with that.

The university leader showed the new building facilities to our graduate, and then the guest gave a lecture for students of economic majors.

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