ASU Students Discuss aHealthy Lifestyle

ASU Students Discuss aHealthy Lifestyle

On30November, the ASU Faculty ofBusiness &Economy held aspecial lesson "Prevention ofHIVInfection".

The event was confined to World AIDS Day that is traditionally celebrated on December, 1. The meeting was attended by the first year students of the Faculty of Business & Economy. Daria Lysenko, a student and a faculty activist, acted as a speaker. She provided the audience with videos shared by the regional AIDS Prevention & Treatment Center about the history of the disease.

In the course of the lesson, such issues as transmission routes, differences between HIV and AIDS, infection treatment and its efficiency, virus injection prevention, AIDS dementia and others were discussed. The questions of morbidity statistics, including Astrakhan region, were raised as well.

Olga Khodenkova, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business & Economy, stressed that young people should pay much attention to their health and lead a healthy lifestyle.

In three months, a test will be held to check the students’ knowledge on prevention of HIV infection.

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