ASU Raises Competence of Astrakhan Educators


Astrakhan State University held a scientific seminar “Integration of Research and Practical Profession-Oriented Activities of Pupils Taking General Programmes in Agriculture”.

ASU Raises Competence of Astrakhan Educators

The event, attended by heads, teachers and other experts of Astrakhan educational organizations, was organized by Tatyana Dymova, an associate professor of the ASU Department of Ecology, Nature & Land Management & Safe Vital Activities.

The meeting aimed at improving professional competences of the participants, which will facilitate high-quality training of pupils. The emphasis was placed on importance and peculiarities of research activities of pupils taking programmes in agriculture; the structure and methods for writing the introduction, main part and conclusion of a research paper; characteristics and specific features of scientific narrative style; a set of theoretical and empirical methods and rules of their choice; rules of plotting diagrams and making a reference list, presentation of pupils’ research results in agriculture.

The seminar participants were asked to make a presentation about different ideas on using research products in future practical profession-oriented activities of pupils taking programmes in agriculture on the example of a mini arboretum, greenhouse ecosystem, landscape vertical gardening, veterinary clinic, centre for agricultural business education, agro-park, agro-farm, agro-tourist agency, vermicomposter and aquaponics facilities.

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