Completion ofthe First Stage ofEnrollment atASU

Completion ofthe First Stage ofEnrollment atASU

August 3was asignificant date for many applicants: the document submission tothe programmes ofintramural and mixed forms ofstudy was completed, and respective orders onfirst-stage enrollment were issued. According tothe Admission Campaign Office, only 151 state-funded places out of817 remain vacant.

That is why those students that for some reason haven’t chosen a future profession yet and haven’t been enrolled during the main period, may try their hard once again — during the second period which was already started and will last for a week.

According to Lyudmila Tovarnichenko, the Secretary of the Admission Campaign Office, more than 2,000 applications were submitted for the programmes of intramural and mixed forms of study. The most in-demand majors are still “Pedagogical Education (Foreign Languages)” and “Linguistics”. The competition here is really tough — 23 candidates for 1 place.

It should be recalled that July 29 saw preliminary enrollment at Bachelor and Specialist’s degree programmes by target and special admission quotas. The “dream” list included the names of two European Champions. See the full list of the students, enrolled by quotas, at the ASU website.

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