ASU Student’s BA Thesis Is Recognized the Best in Russia


Zafarzhon Nosirov’s study was conducted under the scientific supervision of Iskandar Azhmukhamedov, the Head of the Department of Information Security of Astrakhan State University, and focuses on the development of the cross-site scripting protection architecture.

ASU Student’s BA Thesis Is Recognized the Best in Russia

The ASU student’s thesis ranked first in the 4th all-Russian competition on the best student thesis “Be First” among bachelor’s theses on computer and information technologies. Besides, Zafarzon’s study was recognized the best of all the finalists, and the jury made a decision on awarding him with the Grand Prix.

The competition on the best student thesis “Be First” is held by the Direct Media Publishers together with University Book journal and Anti- Plagiarism company in 2018/2019 academic year. The competition involved students of more than 700 universities from across the country, and the jury selected more than 1,000 theses in 14 areas.

It should be recalled that this victory in not the first achievement of Zafarzhon Nosirov — this winter, he was an awardee of the all-Russian competition of young specialists and educational centres in the sphere of information security “Infoforum. New Generation” in the category “Student of the Year”.

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