ASU Activists Present Student Clubs’ Activities


The beginning of the academic year in Astrakhan State University has seen development and implementation of a project on uniting creative, initiative students by their interests for organization of extracurricular activities. On October 24, ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov met with the heads of the student clubs who reported on the work done and shared some plans for the future.

ASU Activists Present Student Clubs’ Activities

Today the university runs nine student clubs. The areas of their activities are quite various — these are intellectual, creative, social and physical development of students, improvement of their professional skills, involvement into research projects, organization of outdoor activities and leisure, development and strengthening of ties between different social groups.

For example, Anna Konopleva, the Chair of the Astrakhan regional office of the Russian Union of Youth, spoke about the work of the Union student club. Besides, during the meeting with the Rector, Anna put forward an idea to propose ASU as a participant of the federal project «International Privilege Club of Russian Union of Youth», implemented in our region by the Union Astrakhan office. Konstantin Markelov supported the idea and entrusted his colleagues with providing assistance in implementation of the project, for example to inform the students on it during the Financial Literacy Day which is going to be held at ASU.

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