First World Engineering Competitions toBeHeld Remotely

First World Engineering Competitions toBeHeld Remotely

Another stage ofthe World Engineering Competitions (WEC) will beheld this weekend, onMarch 21and 22. Participants can complete tasks remotely.

Tasks will be posted on March 21 at 10h00 on the website in the section “Blog”. The New Technology Academy will post competition tasks on its website in the section “Publications”.

The WEC organizers call the participants not to refuse the tournament because each of them, developing their talents, makes a contribution to the human civilization legacy, as human intelligence have always won any disaster and will keep winning!

“Now we have to work remotely, it’s an important condition in the project which involves different cities and countries! Nevertheless, we will communicate in person very soon and, of course, address important engineering tasks,” stress organizers of the World Engineering Competitions.

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