ASU International Students Celebrate Africa Day

ASU International Students Celebrate Africa Day

This day isalso called African Freedom Day and isdedicated tothe annual commemoration ofthe foundation ofthe Organization ofAfrican Unity, which was founded by30African leaders on25May 1963 inAddis Ababa. Upon theUN decision, May 24was declared African Liberation Day and has been celebrated upon the UNESCO initiative.

It is an important date for the global community, symbolizing the African countries’ aspiration for unity in order to ensure independent development, peace and prosperity all across the continent. Africa Day is a public holiday in Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Lesotho, Mali, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In Lesotho, this day is also known as Heroes’ Day.

African students, studying at ASU, have decided to celebrate this day together: they made videos and told others how much their native continent matters to them.

The students also say that Africa is a charming continent, and if one looks at its history and culture, he/she will realize that Africa has much to teach us — calmness, joy, love, brotherhood and peoples’ unity reign in their countries.


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