Moscow Expert Helps ASU Students Understand Their Bodies and Take Their Ease

Moscow Expert Helps ASU Students Understand Their Bodies and Take Their Ease

Students ofdifferent faculties ofASU have undertaken a2-week online transformation course Self-identification 2:0, delivered bybusiness consultant Olga Nosik, atthe Boiling Point Centre ofAstrakhan State University. The mixed workshop, developed bythe consultant herself, allowed the participants tolearn some psychological secrets, sort themselves out and gain communication skills.

Within the seven-class course, Olga Nosik told the students about psychological types, eniostyle, esotericism, conflictology, spiritual and physical practices and benefits of sports for a healthy mental condition; she taught them how to get out of stressful situations easily and smoothly, interact with people and believe in themselves. The students got an opportunity to ask their questions of interest and to take part in individual online consultations. As the organizers say, Astrakhan State University has been the first HEI in Russia to test such a format.

On June 26, the results of the first free-of-charge online workshop were summed up. Olga Nosik shared her impressions from the classes and their participants at a videoconference meeting with ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov and the university top management; the expert expressed her hope for further cooperation with the university.

Konstantin Markelov thanked the lector and noted that such practice demonstrated its high relevance and must be continued by all means. The colleagues also discussed wider coverage and commercialization of the initiative.

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