Almost 1,500 Graduates of Astrakhan State University Received Their Diplomas


Today, ASU has completed a series of official ceremonies of awarding diplomas of higher and vocational education to the graduates of the 2019/2020 academic year. The current epidemiological situation resulted in the ceremonies being held in the outside premises of the university in compliance with all measures for prevention of the COVID spread.

Almost 1,500 Graduates of Astrakhan State University Received Their Diplomas

It should be recalled that the first students to receive their cherished diplomas were 12 best graduates of the year: on July 6, the already former Bachelor, Master’s students and Ph.D. graduates were awarded by Rector of Astrakhan State University Konstantin Markelov with their diplomas at a solemn ceremony.

The next unit to hold an official ceremony was the ASU College. On July 9, Director Svetlana Kunyashova handed certificates of education to 270 graduates of the college.

Starting from July 13, Astrakhan State University held a series of outside ceremonies in front of the university’s new academic building. For six days, graduates of sixteen faculties of ASU were awarded by the deans with their diplomas to the loud applause.

The ASU Media studio prepared a present for the alumni of Astrakhan State University, their professors and dearly loved deans — they made online albums with vivid photos of the celebrations so that those happy days will stay in the students’ memory for many years to come.

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