ASU Scientific Library Staff Upgraded Their Qualification with IPR MEDIA


From July 22, 2020, the company held online workshop “Big Librarian Upgrade: Data-Based Management That Saves Resources”. Librarians of Russian universities discussed some issues of improving digital stability with leading experts in digitalization, librarianship and HR training for digital economy.

ASU Scientific Library Staff Upgraded Their Qualification with IPR MEDIA

A team of the Scientific Library of Astrakhan State University also took part in the educational programme.

Participants of the online seminars passed competitive selection upon results of their applications and motivation letters. The workshop activities were divided into four tracks — library as part of the digital university, transformation of the managerial model, library in the media space and financial stability of a university’s library.

Each track, aimed at teaching the new reality to librarians, lasted a week and consisted of two groupwide classes with the experts. At the end of the tracks, the teams completed some tasks, assessed by the experts. Each group also had some project activities with the moderator.

Yesterday, on July 27, results of the educational programme were summed up and group projects were presented. The ASU Scientific Library made an online presentation of their project on creation of a single electronic educational resource with a strategic task of uniting digital platforms of HEI libraries of the Caspian Scientific & Educational Centre to form a single information space of the Russian science and its integration into the global information space.

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