Energy-Smart Campus

Customer: Astrakhan State University (Russia)

This project aims to set up a system of "intelligent campus" of Astrakhan State University within one particular aspect – power supply.


1. Audit of the current power supply indicators of inefficient buildings: University Building #1, Hostel #1, and Hostel #3 (including energy consumption indicators, equipment, and maintenance costs).

2. Preparation of proposals to upgrade the facilities, including calculation of estimated costs and both technical and economic grounds for the suggested modernization project.

3. Development of a project to upgrade power supply at the three inefficient facilities (University Building #1, Hostel #1, and Hostel #3), which implies integration with the upper level of automation and coordination of the building “Annex to University Building #1 of ASU”.

Team Members:


Ankit Kumar

Chen Ching-Hsiang

Nicole Chittim

Michael Bodanza


Ayzar Mustafin

Vladlina Beschestnova

Dmitriy Korolkov

Ekaterina Tutarinova

Igor Pashovkin

Lyudmila Shekotova

Nikita Olikhov

Yaroslav Sedov

Supervisor Representing ASU:

Alexander Kondratyev, Vice Rector for Administrative Affairs & Capital Construction

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