Center of Linguistic Expertise

Our main tasks are as follows:

  • Technical and specialist support of linguistic expertise of handwritten and printed documents, audio and video materials to assist protection of rights and legal interests of individuals and legal entities;
  • Assistance to preservation and development of the Russian language as the main tool for citizens and public associations to express their opinions and ideas, to generate and reproduce information freely.

Our main functions are as follows:

  • Execution of linguistic expertise of any written texts to verify their compliance with norms of the Russian literary language, the Russian speech etiquette, and historically formed linguistic traditions of the Russian language;
  • Execution of linguistic expertise and linguistic analysis of texts by print and electronic mass media;
  • Assistance in ethic linguistic expertise of texts of agreements, contracts, and protocols for interested state, public, or other organizations and citizens;
  • Assistance to state organizations (the State Duma of Astrakhan Region) by executing linguistic expertise of laws and subordinate acts that they adopt.
Tselovalnikov, Igor Yurievich
PhD in Philology, Associate Professor – Director of Center


Address: 20a Tatischev Str., Astrakhan 414056 Russia.

Phone: +7-8512-25-17-72.

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